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An organized strategic financial future should be designed with these areas in mind:

  • Financial independence at retirement to provide you with a sustainable income.
  • Disability and Critical Illness Insurance to protect your income by providing replacement income if you are sick or disabled.
  • Liquidity of your assets in the event that an emergency or opportunity presents itself.
  • Survivor’s financial and estate protection at death provides immediate cash to meet short-, medium- and long-term living needs.

A balanced plan must also address the needs of elder care as our population ages.

You should address the potential for a long-term illness

Long-Term Care Insurance is designed to provide financial relief and assist with the daily expenses at older ages for personal care required as a result of loss of basic abilities to dress, bathe, transit to or from the bathroom, maneuvering in or out of bed or chairs, or feeding yourself.

Registered Retirement Planning

As we discuss retirement planning, we will look at Canada’s registered plans. For example:

  • The Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) while building your nest egg, and a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) during retirement, offer you the chance to defer tax on your investments and achieve some tax relief.
  • Tax-Free Savings Plan (TFSA) allows you to save money while deferring investment income on the after-tax monies invested.

We’ll help you create a plan just right for you.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a financial strategy that provides you with confidence that all of your financial resources are working together toward your long-term financial goals.

Your goals and dreams are as individual as you are. 

Whether you’re starting a new family, preparing for retirement, or running a business, we will work with you or your business to build a plan to meet your needs. A customized plan can help you manage risk and bring your goals within achievable foresight.

We can help you devise a plan that addresses objectives such as investment and retirement planning; minimizing income and estate taxes; assessing your life and disability insurance, will, and estate planning needs. A good financial strategy that reflects your changing life needs is unique—that is why we’ll support you with a financial analysis that will help you make wise financial decisions designed to meet your long-term and short-term goals.



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